Elmo and Abby Party

Last weekend we had my twin girls 2nd birthday.  They are obsessed with Elmo and Abby so even though I had many other theme ideas for twins I did something that I knew they would be excited about!

Here is the set up of the table with the cake on it.


I am so lucky to have some of the best cakes made for my girls!  This cake was two layers with Elmo and Abby coming out of the top layer.  They also each had an individual cake so they could blow out their own candles and enjoy some cake on their own.


dscf2310 dscf2311

I used paper lanterns to decorate above the table.  I added a face to the center one to look like Elmo.


The party was in the afternoon so I just had snack foods set out.  Since pizza is Elmo’s favorite food, I served mini pizzas that I made with crackers.  Elmo also loves bananas and fruit so I served banana and strawberry kabobs drizzled with chocolate.  Elmo has a pet fish, Dorthy, so of course there were gold fish in a bowl.


I made banners with their names on them to hang on the mantel with the presents.


Here is a close up of the shirts that I made for them to wear at the party.


We had an Elmo pinata for all of the kids to enjoy.  Obviously, the pinata was bigger than the girls.


For party favors, I made Elmo and Abby bags and filled them with cookies, gold fish, crayons and elmo and abby bracelets.


The party was a lot of fun but the best part was seeing the girls faces when they first saw all of the decorations when they woke up from their nap.  They were so excited and that is PRICELESS!

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Host an Easter Brunch for Kids

Parents.com has some great ideas on hosting an Easter Brunch for Kids.  While you are making all of your Easter plans, don’t forget the kids and do something exciting for them too.

They have instructions on how to make this pop-up card.  This could also be used as a place card.


I love this Cupcake Cafe.  These would also be great for a Tea Party or a Baby Shower.


Here are some some easy to make Impressions sandwiches.



Make Easter Brunch memorable for the kids too.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday.

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Butterfly Party

I am planning my twin girls 2nd birthday right now and  I will share all my ideas for their party soon. For now, I wanted to share what I did for them last year.  We celebrated their 1st birthday with a butterfly theme.  Their room is decorated in butterfly’s so I thought this would be perfect for their party especially since it was in the spring.


The table is set with a cookie bouquet, the cakes and books for the guests to write birthday wishes to each of the girls.


Here is a closer look at the cookie bouquet.  It has butterfly garden ornaments that are in the back with cookies cut out like butterflies, flowers and ladybugs.  Next to the cookie bouquet are the girls baby books so everyone could see all that has happened in their first year of their life.


The cake is make with hand made flowers and edible butterflies.


This is a fruit display with pineapples cut out like butterflies.  I also served cheese and crackers in the shapes of butterflies and flowers.


When the kids arrived, I had activities ready for them like decorating foam butterflies.


We always have a pinata at our parties and the kids love when it is time for the pinata.


This isn’t a great picture but for party favors I bought butterfly nets and filled them with candy and spring toys for the kids.

Unfortunately, both of the birthday girls were sick during the party with ear infections but I think everyone else still enjoyed the party!

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If you haven’t heard of Garnish, you definitely need to check out there great products and their fresh ideas for using their products.  You can use their products in a variety of ways for wedding showers, baby showers and other celebrations.

Here is their “Eggs”-tra Special Easter Garnish inspiration.


ideas_easterb_sm ideas_eastera_sm ideas_easterc_sm

Another one of my favorite ideas is their Children’s Party Table.  Be sure to look closely at the sunshine tubes filled with Legos.  What a great idea for kids!


Let your creative side take over and use Garnish for great ideas and products for your upcoming party plans!!

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Children’s St. Patrick’s Day Party

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by having a fun and crafty party for your kids.

Start with a shamrock invitation like this one from PaperStyle.


You can also have your children help make the invitations using heavy card stock.  Cut out a shamrock and decorate it using green glitter.

For decorations, of course everything needs to be green.  Hang shamrocks from the ceiling and in doorways like these from Skip To My Lou.


Decorate your table with a green table cloth and Irish flags and Irish Blarney Stones96_1424

For a centerpiece, fill a big black cauldron with gold coins with a Leprechaun beside it.

For food, there are a lot of green foods that you can serve:  Green chips with guacamole, Shamrock sugar cookies, Shamrock Toasties, Lucky Charms,Clover shaped sandwiches and green vegetables like cucumbers, celery and pickles.

shamrock-sugar-cookies shamrock-toasties-photo-180-ff0309efa12

Let the kids make their own Lime Sherbet Frosties with this recipe:

Take 2 scoops of lime sherbet and put it in a glass. Pour Sprite or 7up over the sherbet until it gets fizzy.  Top it off with whip cream and green colored sugar or sprinkles.

For activities, play Leprechauns Gold.  It is a tradition that a leprechaun will give you a gold bag if you ask for it.  Have all the children stand in a circle and one child becomes “Paddy” and stands in the middle of the circle.  While some music play, the children standing in the circle pass a bag of “gold coins” behind their backs.  When the music stop, “Paddy” had to point to the child that he believes has the bag.  If he is correct, then “Paddy” and the other child switch places and the game continues.  If he is incorrect, they they remain in the middle and try again.

You can also have a craft table set up to make different shamrock crafts like this one from Martha Stewart.


A great green party favor to send home with your guests is Green Butter Popcorn.


Hope you and your little Leprechauns enjoy this great Irish holiday and may the luck of the Irish be with you!


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Pajama Party

Lisa emailed me asking for help with her daughter’s first sleep over.  Her daughter is 6 and she wanted to make sure that all the girls had a great time.  This is a milestone for both the parents and the child as they spend their first night away from the parents to stay with friends.

If you are sending out invitations, Tiny Prints has a great Sleepover Invitation.


Kids love to have fun foods at sleepovers like pizza, popcorn, chips and sweets.  Make sure that your guests don’t have any food allergies.  Family Fun has some ideas for a great slumber party including a  Sleepover Cake that would make a great dessert.


Girls love to play dress up so set up an area for the girls to experiment with make up and crazy hair styles.  Another idea is to buy white pillow cases and let everyone decorate their own pillowcase with fabric paint.  Everyone will get to take a memento home from the sleepover.

Get a movie that is suitable for everyone and let them watch the movie surrounded by pillows and blankets.

When they FINALLY get up in the morning, treat them to donuts or pancakes.

Parents.com also has some great ideas for a pajama party.


Be sure to take pictures and try to get a little rest while the kids have an exciting first sleepover.

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Valentine Party Games for Kids

If you are having a valentine party for your kids, it is very important to have plenty of planned activities for them.hearts2

Of course all kids love games, so here are some fun games to play at your valentine party.

Cupid’s Challenge is a fun scavenger hunt.

For this special scavenger hunt, set up a Valentine’s tree centerpiece on a table.  On the branches, tie small clues for items that the kids must find or make and hang on the tree.  When the last item is hung, have small gifts waiting under the tree.  Try the following clues to get started…

1.My name rhymes with stupid, I’m as cute as can be.
Cut my shape out of paper to hang from the tree.

2. You’ll see many of me on this special day,
The symbol of love some people say.
Make one right now with paper and bow,
hang from the tree on a branch that is low.

3.I’m a well know pair that keep your toes cozy.
Hang one from the tree and all will be rosy.

4. I’ve got five points and shine in the sky,
make me from foil and hang me up high.


Another game that kids will love is Heart Stomp which can be found at Kaboose.

You can download a free Valentine’s Day Bingo game from DLTK’s website.


You can also find other fun games like Valentine Rap and Steal My Heart at Family Fun.

I hope these games add a little extra fun to your celebration.

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Backwards Party

Next week my daughter has backwards day at school which got me thinking about a backwards party.  This is a great idea for a birthday, a get-together with friends or you could have a family backwards day.


Start by using some invitations like these found at Kaboose.

On the invitation include:  “Thanks for coming to my party!” Then put the date, time, address, etc. Also, ask your guests to come dressed as backwards as they can.
When you greet your guests, say “Goodbye and thanks for coming!” As they arrive, have them come through the back door and give them name tags with their names spelled backwards.

For decorations, hang your balloons upside down from the ceiling and hang birthday banners backwards.


Have the children sit on the floor, under the table and start with dessert first.  Serve cupcakes upside down like these from Family Fun.


After the cake, set up a veggie try with the veggies already in the dip.  Serve hot dogs, but cut the hot dog in half and put the bun in between each hot dog half.

For activities, play silent chairs, which goes by the rules of musical chairs except the sitting starts when the music starts.  Arrange a scavenger hunt, but instead of leaving clues, scramble up the answer and let that be the clue.  Do the limbo but instead of “How low can you go?” change it to “How high can you jump?”

As the party ends, help guests walk backward out the front door, and say “Hello” to them as they leave.

For more ideas, Real Simple also has a great article on hosting a Backwards Party.  Have fun or “nuf evah”.

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Kids Valentine Cupcake Party

Throw a Cupcake Party to help the kids celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Start by sending a cute invitation like this one from Tiny Prints.


Bake all of the cupcakes before your guests arrive.  Then set out the cupcakes and all of the toppings for the cupcakes on a table that the kids will be able to work on.

It always helps to set a couple of examples out, to help them with ideas.

Here are a couple of cupcake ideas to help you get inspired.

This is from Martha Stewart who always has some great recipes.


Don’t be fooled by this beautiful rose cupcake found at Family Fun.  You can make it!!  This beautiful flower is made with fruit leather candy.


This Train Cupcake is fun for the kids to make or even to take to a school party.


You can’t go wrong with these cupcakes from Williams-Sonoma.


Hopefully the kids will enjoy not only  the taste of these cupcakes, but the fun and love that goes into decorating them.

Enjoy your yummy cakes!

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