Last minute Valentine Decorations

Don’t worry….there is still time to plan how to decorate for your valentine party or for a romantic dinner at home.
Here are a couple of ideas that will bring love into the air.

These candles from Wrapables are a great and easy way to decorate a table.

Here is a fun way to decorate your table.


Flowers can always be used to help decorate and set the mood.  Try something different like this Rose Bowl from Better Homes and Gardens.


You can make your own Valentine candles with craft punches from Martha Stewart.


I hope this helps with any last minute planning!  This is a day to celebrate all loved ones….Friends, Family and Significant Others.  No matter what your plans are, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine Party Games for Kids

If you are having a valentine party for your kids, it is very important to have plenty of planned activities for them.hearts2

Of course all kids love games, so here are some fun games to play at your valentine party.

Cupid’s Challenge is a fun scavenger hunt.

For this special scavenger hunt, set up a Valentine’s tree centerpiece on a table.  On the branches, tie small clues for items that the kids must find or make and hang on the tree.  When the last item is hung, have small gifts waiting under the tree.  Try the following clues to get started…

1.My name rhymes with stupid, I’m as cute as can be.
Cut my shape out of paper to hang from the tree.

2. You’ll see many of me on this special day,
The symbol of love some people say.
Make one right now with paper and bow,
hang from the tree on a branch that is low.

3.I’m a well know pair that keep your toes cozy.
Hang one from the tree and all will be rosy.

4. I’ve got five points and shine in the sky,
make me from foil and hang me up high.


Another game that kids will love is Heart Stomp which can be found at Kaboose.

You can download a free Valentine’s Day Bingo game from DLTK’s website.


You can also find other fun games like Valentine Rap and Steal My Heart at Family Fun.

I hope these games add a little extra fun to your celebration.

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Valentine Dinner Recipes

Celebrate Valentine’s with a romantic dinner for two at home.  You can surprise your loved one with these great recipes or spend your time cooking everything together.
Start with this great chilled-tomato soup that will set the mood.

For your main course, serve Filet Mignon with Rich Balsamic Glaze

with Cherry Tomato Mozzarella Saute on the side.  You can accompany this with a nice glass of red wine.

filet-allrecipes cherrytomatosalad-tasteofhome

To keep dessert easy, make this festive dessert for two from Woman’s Day.


Here is the simple recipe for making this Valentine dessert.


  • 3 Tbsp seedless red rasberry jam
  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • 2 Twinkies snack cakes


1. Stir jam and 1 Tbsp water in a bowl until smooth. Add raspberries; toss gently to coat.2. Cut Twinkies in half diagonally, starting about 1 in. down from top left to 1 in. from bottom of opposite side. For each heart, put 2 halves together on 1 serving plate.  Spoon raspberry mixture over and around hearts. Garnish with mint, if desired.

Make it an evening to celebrate your love with good food and great company!

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Valentine Cocktails

If you are planning a Valentine’s dinner, great drinks will help compliment your meal.  Pick a drink that fits your personality and toast to your sweetheart with one of these delicious cocktail recipes.

This Chocolate Kiss Martini recipe is a great recipe found at Thoughtfully Simple.


I can’t wait to try the Bailey’s Cool Raspberry drink that I found at


Another great drink is the Amaretto-Cranberry Kiss from Epicurious.


If you don’t want an alcoholic beverage or you want something to make with the kids these are great recipes to try:

Strawberry Lemonade
Ingredients :
Juice of one lemon
1 tb Sugar
10 Ripe strawberries
1 c Water
Preparation :
Throw the lemon juice, sugar, strawberries, and water into a blender and mix until fairly smooth. Serve over ice. Makes one glass.

Creamy Valentine’s Day Peppermint Shake

Ingredients :
2 c Milk
1/2 c Peppermint candy, crushed
1 1/2 pt Vanilla ice cream
Preparation :
Place milk and peppermint candy in electric blender; mix well. Add ice cream and process until smooth and creamy. Makes six 6-oz servings.

Please remember to always drink responsibly and toast to a special Valentine’s Day!

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Un-Valentine’s Single Party

So with all the talk of Valentine’s Parties, I wanted to make sure that everyone was included and had something to do.  If you are single, there is still plenty to celebrate!  Invite all of your single friends over for an Un-Valentine’s Party.  Have your single friends invite their single friends and it will turn into a festive bash.  This party is all about having fun with your friends no matter what the occasion!

For invitations, use regular Valentine Party invitations but write “UN” in front of all Valentine statements.

black_roseMost people won’t want to be surrounded by red roses so use black roses and black party decorations.  However, you can always use fresh colorful flowers to lighten the mood.   Make funny “bad relationship name tags” and hand them out at the door when people come in. Some examples are  “Serial Dater”, “Break-up Queen”, “It’s not me, It’s you”, “The other Woman”, “Homewrecker”, “Love Goddess”, “Bad boyfriend”, “The Jerk”.

Keep the food simple by setting out finger foods and sweet treats.  Serve broken heart shaped cookies or heart shaped cookies decorated with black  food coloring.

For fun, try the Bleeding Heart Cupcakes recipe.


These BitterSweets are great gifts for your guests.  They come with a variety of sayings like:  “A Fine Whine”; “I Want Half”; “Just a Friend”;


If you are into games, play Name that Tune but use songs such as Cry Me a River (Justin Timberlake); You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi);  and “I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor

The goal of this party is to have fun with all of your single friends on a day that is normally relegated to the loving couples.

Other adult Anti-Valentine’s Day ideas include a girls night at a fun restaurant, a wine tasting party or just staying home with some friends and watching old movies.

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Kids Valentine Cupcake Party

Throw a Cupcake Party to help the kids celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Start by sending a cute invitation like this one from Tiny Prints.


Bake all of the cupcakes before your guests arrive.  Then set out the cupcakes and all of the toppings for the cupcakes on a table that the kids will be able to work on.

It always helps to set a couple of examples out, to help them with ideas.

Here are a couple of cupcake ideas to help you get inspired.

This is from Martha Stewart who always has some great recipes.


Don’t be fooled by this beautiful rose cupcake found at Family Fun.  You can make it!!  This beautiful flower is made with fruit leather candy.


This Train Cupcake is fun for the kids to make or even to take to a school party.


You can’t go wrong with these cupcakes from Williams-Sonoma.


Hopefully the kids will enjoy not only  the taste of these cupcakes, but the fun and love that goes into decorating them.

Enjoy your yummy cakes!

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Valentine’s Flowers

Flowers play a big part in Valentine’s Day, however there are different options than just having them delivered in a vase.


This arrangement shown from BHG is a shaped block of wet florist’s foam is covered with rosebuds. Green leaves are pinned to the sides to cover the remaining foam.

Another example found here is incorporating ribbons with the flowers.


This bouquet has a spray of pink ribbons that rival the beauty of the flowers.

No matter if it is a single rose or a bouqet of tulips, the sentiment of receiving flowers is always apprecitated especially on Valentine’s Day.

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Welcome to Divine Party Concepts!

This blog is dedicated to my love of planning parties and celebrating holidays.  I hope to inspire you with party ideas, sources, recipes, decorations and much more.

I welcome any feedback or new ideas that you would like to share.

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