Edible Fruit Arrangements

Fruit can be used at a party as a centerpiece as well as an appetizer.  Here are a couple of great ideas for fruit arrangements.


These Melon Balls would be great at a bridal shower or a baby shower.


This Watermelon Flowering Garden is great for a Spring party.


This Strawberry Heart would be great for a Strawberry Shortcake party.


I stumbled upon this site and found this tasty Citrus Splash with Chocolate.


Here is a great Watermelon Baby Carriage.

Enjoy all the fresh tasty arrangements!

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Leftover Easter Candy

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Now that Easter is over and you have an overabundance of candy what do you do with it??


Here is a colorful way to use jelly beans as spring decorations.

I found a Leftover Easter Candy Cake that you can use your candy to bake.

Make s’mores from left over peeps.  Peeps work great in s’mores because they are very similar to marshmallows. You can use leftover chocolate eggs or bunnies as the chocolate part of the s’more and the peeps as the marshmallow part.

A couple of other ideas would be to chop up chocolate and use it to make chocolate chip cookies; donate it to your school; melt the chocolate for a fondue party; make a trail mix for snacks for kids but add in some nutritional items with the candy; OR

Of course, you can just keep your candy out and enjoy it as much as you would like!!!

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Host an Easter Brunch for Kids

Parents.com has some great ideas on hosting an Easter Brunch for Kids.  While you are making all of your Easter plans, don’t forget the kids and do something exciting for them too.

They have instructions on how to make this pop-up card.  This could also be used as a place card.


I love this Cupcake Cafe.  These would also be great for a Tea Party or a Baby Shower.


Here are some some easy to make Impressions sandwiches.



Make Easter Brunch memorable for the kids too.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday.

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Butterfly Party

I am planning my twin girls 2nd birthday right now and  I will share all my ideas for their party soon. For now, I wanted to share what I did for them last year.  We celebrated their 1st birthday with a butterfly theme.  Their room is decorated in butterfly’s so I thought this would be perfect for their party especially since it was in the spring.


The table is set with a cookie bouquet, the cakes and books for the guests to write birthday wishes to each of the girls.


Here is a closer look at the cookie bouquet.  It has butterfly garden ornaments that are in the back with cookies cut out like butterflies, flowers and ladybugs.  Next to the cookie bouquet are the girls baby books so everyone could see all that has happened in their first year of their life.


The cake is make with hand made flowers and edible butterflies.


This is a fruit display with pineapples cut out like butterflies.  I also served cheese and crackers in the shapes of butterflies and flowers.


When the kids arrived, I had activities ready for them like decorating foam butterflies.


We always have a pinata at our parties and the kids love when it is time for the pinata.


This isn’t a great picture but for party favors I bought butterfly nets and filled them with candy and spring toys for the kids.

Unfortunately, both of the birthday girls were sick during the party with ear infections but I think everyone else still enjoyed the party!

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Easter Place Cards

Today I have linked some different sites that have great place cards that you can use for Easter.


Paper and Cake always has great options for downloadable prints like these pink and green Easter treats.


This place card is made from stamps from Impress Rubber Stamps.


Martha Stewart explains how to make a Grassy Place Card.


Celebrations gives directions on making Nest Place Cards with real eggs.


You can still order these cute Hand-Painted Basket Place Holders.


Be sure to check out the Easter Place Card Robin Nests at No Fuss Fabulous.  They explain how to make these festive place cards for you.

Be sure to make your guests feel special when they sit down to their Easter meal by using special place cards that you can also send home with them as a little gift.

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Bunny Shaped Recipes

Most people that know me know that I love a great theme so today I am featuring Bunny Recipes.

Here is a great Easter Bunny Cheese Spread to set out as an appetizer.


I love this Easter Bunny Bread Recipe but I don’t know if mine would look that good if I made it.


Here is a festive side dish…the Bunny Pear Salad.


Start your Easter morning by making your family Bunny Rabbit Pancakes.


You can never go wrong with the Easter Bunny Cake.


I had to feature Bakerella because I absolutely ADORE the Easter Cake Pops.  How amazing!!!


Hope your guests enjoy all of the festive ways to incorporate the Easter Bunny into your Easter meal.

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Easter EGGstravaganza

Easter eggs are used in so many ways at Easter.  Here are some tips for decorating and using eggs in many different ways.

These Beribonned Beauties are made with paint and crafty trims.


These paper eggs will brighten up your room and are easy to make.


Martha Stewart shares ideas on how to make Egg Ornaments and Jeweled Eggs for an Easter tree.

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Here is a recipe for Golden Chocolate Easter Eggs using gold dust to enhance the look of the eggs.


Allrecipes also has some other tips for decorating eggs like the Flower Vase Egg, the Disco Egg and the Word Egg.

22561 22557 22558

Whether you are decorating eggs or making Easter recipes with eggs, don’t forget all of the different options that you have to use eggs for this festive season.

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Get ready for April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is Wednesday and I am trying to remind myself that it will be here soon because my brother always seems to get me with some type of practical joke.  If you are a prankster and this is one of your favorite holidays then here are some ideas to help you plan your fun for the day.

Start with food that will surprise everyone.  Your family or friends might think they are getting a sweet chocolate cupcake but it is actually a Meatloaf Cupcake with mashed potatoes


This Hot Dog recipe will have everyone wondering what the odd ingredient is???


For dessert, serve Baked Potato Ice Cream Sundaes.


Kids will really be confused when they are served these Faux Fish Sticks.


Martha Stewart also has some other great ideas for some practical jokes.


For those of you who love to play pranks to the unsuspecting friends and family, have fun and try to have a little compassion for those of us who can be gullible.

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Easter and Spring Wreaths

Wreaths are great to use for decorating inside or outside.  You can hang them in a variety of places or incorporate them into a beautiful tablescape.  Here are some Easter wreaths that will enhance any space.

This Wreath with a Nest will definitely greet guests at your front door.


The Millefleur Wreath creates an English cottage garden look.  If you are crafty, you could make this type of wreath using colorful spring flowers.


I have made a Speckled Egg Wreath like this one from Pier One but unfortunately it was destroyed in our last move and I am running late on making a new one!


I love daisies and these colors are sure to brighten anyone’s day.  This would be great to hang or place on a table with a candle or vase in the middle of it.


I hope these wreaths add a festive touch to your Spring and Easter decor.

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Decorating for Easter

Easter is such a fun time to decorate.  Everything is so colorful and vibrant at this time of the year.  Hear are some ideas to help you get started with your Easter decorating.

Use Easter candy to enhance the look of your spring flowers.  This centerpiece uses two vases and brightly colored jelly beans.


Another idea using a vase or jar is this Easter Egg Vase.


This table uses disposable doilies as an elegant cover for your table.


I love this Flower Votive Candle that you can easily make yourself.


This Wheat Grass Centerpiece is a great way to bring the outdoors inside.


Let these ideas inspire you to celebrate the Easter season by brightening your house with spring decorations.

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